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At the bottom of this page is our Reservation Form.
Preceding it are our policies and rules that you should familiarize yourself with
before completing the form to book a reservation.
Additionally, here is a link to the
NC Vacation Rental Rental Agreement that you should view as well.
Most of the information requested on that form is contained in our
Reservation Form so it is a “read-only” form.  

By completing our Reservation Form you are acknowledging that you have read our policies and rules,
understand and will abide by them, as well as having read and understand the
NC Vacation Rental Agreement.



1. Must be 21 or older to rent Turtle Mountain in Trust.  Person/s named on the Reservation Form are responsible for any damage, or loss to the property. This includes damage or loss caused by their invited, or uninvited guests. We reserve the right to assess you for damage to or theft of items from the property.  We are fortunate to not have this experience so far.

2. 50% of the total rental amount owed is due at the time of the reservation; balance is due 14 days before arrival date. Reservations made less than 14 days from arrival date require payment in full. Payment is expected within 24 hours of the invoice being received by the customer (unless other arrangements have been discussed). Customers are billed through PayPal. All applicable rental charges/fees/deposits incur a sales tax charge of 6.75%.

3.  We charge a $90 or $125 cleaning fee (depending on the number of guests) that we will not waive. Vacation rentals that do not charge a cleaning fee are often managed/cleaned by the owners.  Turtle Mountain in Trust has a staff of cleaning personnel that will clean the home to the same standard each time they clean, and drain/clean/fill the hot tub.

4.  Cancellations have option of re-booking for a stay of equivalent duration, or a refund of monies paid.  If the cancellation, and request for refund option is less than 14 days from your arrival date, and your reservation is on a major holiday (Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years), the month of July or October, then a $50 fee is deducted from the refund of any monies paid.  We do not refund money for early check-out, late check-ins, or “no-shows”.  In severe weather we may cancel a reservation at our discretion if we feel there is a threat to your safety. Any money paid will be refunded without a fee, or you may re-schedule for a future date.

5.  We have a 2 night minimum stay requirement year round, including holidays. We offer year round, and seasonal discounts (restrictions may apply).

6.  Check-in time is 4pm, and check-out time is 11am No early check-ins or late check-outs on days we have other guests checking in or out NO EXCEPTIONS.

7.  We accept ONE dog or ONE cat, and an occasional cat has been at this home.  Please crate pets if possible when you are away from the home. A refundable pet deposit is required, and is refunded after an inspection by our cleaning personnel if there is no damage.

8.  Turtle Mountain in Trust is a NO SMOKING home. You may smoke outside at the campfire ring.

9.  No hunting, shooting, target practice, or ATV’s are allowed on the property.

10. No one under 15 years of age is permitted in the hot tub. Rules for use of the hot tub are in an information binder located in the house. You are assuming liability for any injury or death if you violate this or other hot tub safety rules.

11.  Adults are responsible for the safety of children at the home and surrounding property. The house is not childproofed.   The mountains are home to wild animals such as deer, bears, etc. PLEASE do not leave food out for them, or attempt to feed them if you encounter them. Use caution when reaching into wood piles, walking through the woods as there are poisonous snakes who make their homes in the mountains.

12.  In the event of a complaint requiring a response by law enforcement you could possibly be asked to vacate the premises. Please do not trespass on properties located near Turtle Mountain in Trust.  No refunds will be issued if guests are asked to leave the property for violations of law, or creating a disturbance.

13.  In the event of a failure/outage of electric, phone, satellite, internet, major appliance  we will contact the appropriate service provider/repair person when we are made aware of an interruption in service/malfunction. Please don’t wait until you return home to inform us of something that didn’t work properly. Bad weather can sometimes cause interruptions in utility service, and this is beyond our control.

14.  Turtle Mountain in Trust, and it’s property manager Only in the Mountains Realty are not responsible for injury, or death to our guests, and their invited or uninvited guests. 

15. Verizon, and U.S. Cellular are the best cell phone providers in this area, we cannot however guarantee service with them or other carriers. We do have a landline, and offer FREE long distance calling. We also have Wi-Fi (DSL). You may want to provide our landline phone number to anyone that may need to contact you.

16.  Personal belongings left at Turtle Mountain in Trust are considered abandoned property after 30 days. Please contact us if you realize that you left any items. The most common item left by guests is plugs/adapters for phones/electronic devices. Please check before you leave the house to be sure that you have all of your belongings.

17.  Turtle Mountain in Trust, and it’s property manager Only in the Mountains Realty are not responsible for damage to your vehicle.  Please drive slowly on gravel roads, paved mountain roads follow the speed limit. We are motorcycle friendly, and motorcycles can access the property (gravel road).

18. Turtle Mountain in Trust, and it’s property manager Only in the Mountains Realty are not responsible for loss, or damage of your property.  Although this is a low crime area we suggest that you lock the home, and your vehicle.

19. You may request a written quote, this is also recommended if discounts apply (military, law enforcement, firefighters, return guests).  All payments received are transferred to the property owner’s account at TD Bank, Waynesville, North Carolina.

20. Last but not least… we have no control over the elements of Mother Nature, for example, how colorful leaves are in fall.  We hope you are able to enjoy these special features of the mountains but if weather interferes there is nothing we can do to change that.




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